Chicken Curry In Electric Rice Cooker: Amazing Ways To Prepare In 30 Min

You can easily prepare Chicken Curry In Electric Rice Cooker. In this age of fast food and microwave dinners, it’s good to know that a hearty meal can still be whipped up quickly in a rice cooker.

This method also helps you avoid the common problem of burning the sauce at the bottom of a pot while waiting for the rest of the dish to finish cooking.

Chicken Curry In Electric Rice Cooker
Chicken Curry In Electric Rice Cooker

It is very easy to prepare the chicken curry in the electric rice cooker. You can also prepare any chicken or mutton or fish curry in it. The best part is that you don’t have to keep stirring the dish while it is being cooked in the rice cooker.

How To Prepare Chicken Curry In Electric Rice Cooker


  • 1 whole cut-up chicken
  • 1 large onion, sliced into rings
  • 2 tablespoons of curry powder or more to taste (I use Madras Curry)


1. Wash rice and add about 3 cups water with a dash of salt. Let soak for 10 minutes. Rinse and drain.

2. Brown chicken pieces in a large frying pan with a little oil if desired. It isn’t necessary to cook the meat since it will be cooked further in the rice cooker, but browning adds a little flavour and prevents the spices from burning in contact with the hot metal of the frying pan.

3. Rinse rice again to allow the grains to puff up, and put rice in the cooker.

4. Add sliced onions to the rice, then place browned chicken pieces on top of onion rings. Sprinkle 2 tbsp curry powder over everything (or more if desired). Rinse the frying pan with 1 cup water and pour it into the cooker (or 1 cup of water if no curry powder was used).

5. Turn on the rice cooker and cook until done (depending on the brand of rice cooker considered “done” will be about 15-25 minutes, but taste to make sure the meat is tender and cooked all the way through).

6. You can also add potatoes or other vegetables to the dish while cooking if you have them on hand.

Notes And Observations:

  • I usually wash the rice once through hot water only, but I’ve switched to the triple water rinse method that I read on another cooking website.
  • I usually use my electric rice cooker set to “white rice” mode, but I’ve tried the brown rice setting with decent results. Brown rice takes around two hours in my machine, while white seems to take only about one hour and fifteen minutes.
  • The curry powder I use is a Madras brand and has a very strong flavour. If you’re wondering why I use so much, it’s because I have four people in my family who all have different tastes when it comes to the spiciness of the food.
  • If you want to try this with another type of rice, I would suggest long-grain white rice. I haven’t tried it with brown rice, but I suspect that it would work well.
  • I usually add one or two potatoes to the mixture while cooking since we have a lot of people in my home, and there’s never enough potatoes.
  • As expected, this meal is even better the next day when you take leftovers for lunch at work.
  • I’ve even made this recipe using chicken legs instead of a whole cut-up chicken, and they came out just as tender and flavorful.
  • This dish is great with garlic bread or warm dinner rolls.

Can you cook raw chicken in a rice cooker?

Yes, you can. It’s also possible to cook raw chicken in a rice cooker, parboiling the meat before cooking the dish par cooking the meat for 10 minutes or so.

The cooking time depends on what type of rice cooker you use and how much water is used with the chicken. However, it requires around 20 minutes to be cooked properly.

Can you cook rice in a rice cooker if not soaking it?

Yes, you can. However, neon-soaked rice takes longer to cook and might end up being undercooked. If cooking soaked rice that is properly cooked but requires more water for boiling, make sure to take the amount accordingly. Else, it’ll be boiled over.

The Bottom Line

You can make delicious chicken curry in your electric rice cooker. All you need is to add the ingredients and set the time for cooking on high heat.

The result will be a savoury dish that’s ready when you are! With this easy recipe, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

I hope you enjoy this article. I will be glad to reply to your comment! If you have any questions let me know in the comment section.

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