Chicken Curry Plating: 10 Amazing Ideas

Chicken Curry Plating is an art technique that allows players to stack up the chickens they kill to make an exquisite display before passing on. This art form takes time, patience, and plenty of corpses, but it is all worth it in the end when your dining room table becomes an artistic masterpiece.

The process starts simply enough: gather up some corpses. If you are like me, you will want to stack them in some order. There is debate about which way looks better (I’ve seen it done in a staggered column), but I tend towards laying them flat in one big pile in front of me.

Once you have amassed your desired amount of chickens, you will need to find the proper tools. You will need to cut them up, so you might want to keep the knife you used for fileting in your inventory.

What is Chicken Curry Plating?

Chicken Curry Plating is the fan art of stacking up dead chickens to make a pile of gore before using your knife to carve them up.

Chicken Curry Plating
Chicken Curry Plating

The basics are simple. Use your knife on any corpses that have piled up until they are cut into bite-sized pieces that will fit neatly onto your plate. If you are feeling ambitious, go ahead and try it!

10 Amazing Ideas of Chicken Curry Plating

Here are 10 of the most popular designs for Chicken Curry Plating.

1. When it comes to your Curry, try adding a touch of garlic and ginger.

2. Try mixing the chicken with fresh herbs such as coriander, cumin, and turmeric for added flavor and texture.

3. When you’re plating your Curry, don’t forget to add the sides. Think about things like rice or chapati that will go well with your dish, or perhaps a side salad for that extra crunch!

4. If you’re not sure what could pair well with your Curry dish, start by trying one of these: corn on the cob, roasted pumpkin, or butternut squash cubes (try roasting them in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes).

5. Don’t forget about your toppings! Think of things like mango chutney, raisins, or cashews.

6. If you’re feeling adventurous, try plating up your Curry with a slice of lemon (and some mint leaves if you’re feeling especially zesty). This might be tricky to master, though, so make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to plate the dish.

7. If you’re feeling extra creative, try making a sauce! Stir together some plain yogurt and mango chutney and drizzle it over your Curry for added flavor and a fiery kick.

8. Many curries will work well with Indian flatbreads such as naan or roti.

9. For those who like to keep things simple, this is the best way to plate your Curry: a side of rice (perhaps with some boiled carrots and chickpeas) and naan bread on the side. If you’re feeling extra hungry, try throwing an omelet onto the plate as well!

10. Try serving your Curry in a bowl made from naan bread! To make this, use your knife to cut the edges of the bread into triangles and then bake them in an oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they’re out of the oven and cooled slightly, carefully place one on top of each other and slice down through the middle.

Why is Chicken Curry Plating Important?

Chicken Curry Plating is important to any aspiring plater because it can help you improve your skills for designing food, cooking, and mastering the art of plating. Many players will judge your skill by how well you stack up against your chicken before serving, so practice makes perfect if you want to be the best!

If all this sounds like too much work for you, then feel free to use pre-cooked meats in your inventory. However, I would recommend using raw meat if possible because it has a better chance of creating a dish with no cooking flaws and can be cooked by anybody who uses it.

The Bottom Line

The question of what is the best way to plate chicken curry has been debated for years. Some claim that it should be served in a bowl, while others insist on putting it over rice.

We will not tell you which option tastes better or looks more appetizing because we think both have their merits and can also depend on personal preference.

But if your goal is maximizing how much food people eat at the dinner table, then serving up some hearty chicken curry over white rice might do the trick!

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