Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich: 6 Health Benefits

Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich is a spicy new appetizer on the menu that will satisfy your taste buds with its unique combination of flavors.

It’s an extremely healthy option and low in calories to enjoy this appealing appetizer without worry. The buffalo chicken tenders are coated in a crunchy breading, making for an even tastier bite.

How to make Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich


  • 1/3 cup of ranch dressing
  • 3 tbsp of hot sauce
  • 1/3 cup of chopped celery
  • 1/8 cup of shredded carrot


Step 1: Fry buffalo chicken tenders in the pan until they are lightly browned, then place them into a breading mixture.

Step 2: Combine Ranch dressing and hot sauce in a bowl.

Step 3: On a plate, layer ranch dressing and hot sauce and mix with the vegetables, then place breaded tenders on top of it.

Step 4: Enjoy as an appetizer!

Nutritional Information

Carbohydrate2 g
Protein9 g
Fat11 g
Saturated fat1 g
Cholesterol75 mg
Sodium708 mg

6 Health Benefits of Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich

1. Help You Lose Weight

The Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich is very low in calories and can help you lose weight, beneficial for your overall health.

Chili's Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich
Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich

One hundred sixty-six calories in one serving of this tasty appetizer will fill you up without adding to your waistline.

Unlike some other cheesy, greasy appetizers on the menu at Chili’s, this one is specially crafted to provide a healthy choice that won’t add unwanted inches to your waistline.

2. Low in Fat

The Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich is low in fat and contains only 11 grams of fat, which means it won’t clog your arteries and increase your risk of heart disease. The hot sauce and ranch dressing are the main contributors to the cholesterol content of this appetizer.

3. Good Source of Protein

This appetizer is a good source of antioxidants, but it’s also a healthy source of protein that will give you the energy to get through your day on a full stomach without feeling sluggish.

4. Improve Your Digestion

The chili sauce that the buffalo chicken tenders have been coated in will help enhance your digestion and improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

This will lead to better health and help you avoid a whole host of health conditions linked with poor digestion.

5. Reduce Snacking

Because this appetizer is low in calories, it will make you want to eat less at a time when snacking is usually a problem for people who are trying to keep their diet on track.

6. Increase Your Metabolism

Your metabolism will be boosted by adding protein, which will help you burn more calories while you are eating and throughout the day.

How Long will It Take To Prepare?

It takes approximately 20 minutes to fry chicken tenders, whip up ranch dressing and hot sauce, and layer it on a plate.

How To Make More Delicious?

You can try to create more delicious by making more dishes in a way that will improve the taste. You can use more food flavors to make new foods with salad and pizza.

Is It Suitable For Pregnant Women?

Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich

IChili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich is not suitable for pregnant women because it contains hot sauce harmful to the fetus. You have to visit your doctor before cooking if you are a pregnant woman.

Is It Good For Diabetic Patients?

Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich is good for diabetic patients because it has low amounts of carbohydrates. It contains only 2 grams of carbs in it. This will not increase the blood glucose level of your blood.

Is It Suitable For Heart Patients?

It is not recommended for heart patients because it contains hot sauce, which is harmful. You have to take a blood test before consuming these sandwiches.

Is It Suitable For Children?

It is recommended for the children because there is no salt included in these sandwiches, and they contain high amounts of protein.

Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich calories

A single serving of Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich has only 166 calories. Chili’s Buffalo and Ranch sauce is a unique combination of flavors to make your taste buds come alive.

Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich Chili’s price

A single serving of the Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich is only $3.99 at Chili’s restaurant and is priced well because it contains very few calories.

The Buffalo Chicken Ranch sandwich has 166 calories, which is low in calories for appetizers. It can be ordered as an entree, appetizer, or even both in one order at your favorite Chili’s location.

Chili’s Buffalo chicken ranch sandwich review

The buffalo chicken ranch sandwich is a tasty appetizer and contains a very low average of calories. The buffalo chicken tenders are light yet soft and have a great flavor.

The ranch sauce and hot sauce give the sandwich great flavor but balance each other very well. You can taste both flavors in every bite you take of this buffalo chicken ranch sandwich. The onion rings that come with the sandwich are crispy and full of flavor.

Is Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich Gluten-Free?

The Buffalo Chicken ranch sandwich is gluten-free. Chili’s uses a very small amount of flour to coat the chicken tenders before frying them, so the flour does not affect anyone with gluten intolerance.

It remains a very low-calorie appetizer that can satisfy your cravings without sacrificing diet and health.

Is Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich Healthy?

The Chili’s buffalo chicken ranch sandwich is healthy because it contains no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no excess salt.


I thought it was a great and very simple sandwich. It is not very oily in taste and good to have as an appetizer. I would recommend this to a friend and will be ordering it again.

If you give this buffalo chicken ranch sandwich recipe a try, let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below, or better yet,

 rate the recipe on my site (they’re really easy to do). Thanks for reading this Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich review.


What’s on the buffalo ranch chicken strip sandwich?

The buffalo ranch chicken strip sandwich is like every other buffalo chicken ranch sandwich. The only difference would be the flavor – it is a bit saltier, but it’s still one of my favorites!

What’s on the buffet at Chilies?

At Chili’s, you can go to the buffet and enjoy a variety of delicious and healthy foods. You’ll love how easy it is to create custom meals with fresh salad options, pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, etc.

What is the Chili’s chicken sandwich with secret sauce?

The Chili’s Chicken Sandwich with Secret Sauce is a unique blend of flavors that delight your taste buds. Chili’s combines fresh lettuce, grilled onions, crispy chicken, and a special sauce into an amazing sandwich.

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