Fried Chicken Too Salty: Best 7 Ideas to Fix It

Fried Chicken Too Salty how to reduce it? It’s very common for fried chicken to be too salty. So if you find yourself in this situation, there are a few possible reasons.

First, too much salt for the flour. The recommended ratio is 1 tbsp kosher salt per every 2 to 3 lbs of flour.

Another possibility is that your fryer has not been maintained and fried lots of things before, which causes it to absorb an extra amount of oil.

Fried Chicken Too Salty
Fried Chicken Too Salty

Another possible cause is that the chicken pieces were not dried well before cooking.

Finally, if all fails and it’s still too salty, another option would be to put in a baking soda. The solution to reducing saltiness: 1 tbsp of baking powder (yes, baking powder) to 2 cups of water and soak your chicken for an hour before cooking.

Fried Chicken Too Salty – how to fix salty chicken

I was surprised the other day when I realized that my fried chicken had accidentally been seasoned with salt before it had been fried. This made the chicken taste too salty. What to do if chicken is too salty? I decided to try three different methods to reduce the saltiness.

Method 1:

Sprinkle flour over the pieces of chicken and then shake off any excess flour.

Method 2:

Sprinkle salt-free Seasoning Mix on top of each piece of chicken before frying.

Method 3:

Sprinkle soy sauce (or marinate with soy sauce) over each piece of chicken before frying.

Method 4:

Soak the chicken in salty water for about 15 minutes before frying it.

Method 5:

Mix two teaspoons of salt with 1/4 cup of flour, coat the chicken pieces with this flour mixture before frying them.

Method 6:

Bake or boil the chicken instead of frying it. The saltiness will be reduced or eliminated entirely.

Method 7:

Soak the chicken in a salt-water mixture overnight before baking it. The saltiness will be reduced or eliminated entirely.

Which method works best? Or is there another method I haven’t thought of? Please let me know.

I tried all three methods and was surprised at the results.

The first method:

Sprinkling flour on top of the chicken- actually worked very well, and I could barely taste that any salt had been added to the chicken before cooking.

The other two methods made no difference since they didn’t reduce the saltiness. If you accidentally add too much salt to your fried chicken, try sprinkling flour on top of the pieces instead.

The Second method:

Sprinkle flour over the pieces of chicken and then shake off any excess flour. Water in a bowl with about 2 tbsp of salt for 15 min Reply Delete

Both methods 1 & 2 worked very well. I would choose method 1 for an elegant dinner and method 2 if I was in a hurry.

Method 3

Didn’t work at all because the soy sauce made the chicken too dark. The last four methods were useless because they eliminated almost all of the saltiness, so my fried chicken ended up being too bland.

Bad Effect of Salty Fried Chicken on Your Health

One of the possible reasons to reduce salt in fried chicken is that it’s bad for your health. Excessive intake of sodium has been linked to hypertension. This is a health risk that’s more serious for some people than others.

Children, the elderly, and those who have specific medical conditions should always consult a doctor before they begin to eat less salt.

How much salt is too much?

According to the American Heart Association, less than 1,500 mg per day is all you need. For people with high blood pressure, this number is reduced to 1,500 mg per day.

Most Americans take in way too much salt each day. For example, just one small serving of canned chicken noodle soup can contain as much as 780 mg of sodium. A single slice of frozen pizza can have 320 mg, while a cup of ready-to-eat cereal with raisins has about 410 mg.

Excess salt consumption over time can cause you to develop high blood pressure and heart disease. However, there is another serious problem: the effects of eating too much salt are cumulative and won’t necessarily be felt immediately. If you eat too much salty food for several years, you develop hypertension or other related problems. It’s impossible to know what caused your health problems.

The Bottom Line

Fried chicken is a delicious meal that many people love, but sometimes it can be too salty. If you find your fried chicken over-seasoned, try making the following adjustments next time you fry up some wings or breasts.

Reduce the salt in the flour mixture by about 25%. This will decrease, allowing for more flavor while cooking and providing a better balance of flavors when eaten with other ingredients on a plate.

I hope you enjoy this article. If you have any questions or tips and tricks about cooking fried chicken, please leave a comment below.

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