Ground Chicken Vs Chicken Breast: 10 Best Health Benefits Compare

The Ground Chicken Vs Chicken Breast both have their own unique characteristics that affect the final dish.

Both options are equally good in terms of health and taste, but some dishes might be better suited depending on what you’re looking for.

Although both types of chicken share many of the same nutrients, ground chicken is often considered a healthier option.

This is mainly because it contains less fat and has a lower risk of being contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. It also contains more protein than its counterpart.

However, they are similar in the number of calories they contain and the amount of cholesterol. They both contain around 100 calories and 6 grams of fat, and 25 grams of protein each.

Although the ground chicken is healthier, it might not be the right fit for some dishes. Breast meat has a more flexible texture, which can be used in a wider range of dishes.

Breast meat contains less fat, cholesterol, and calories than its counterpart while still offering the same amount of protein usually found in the ground chicken.

Although both are healthy, some dishes are better suited with breast meat while others are better suited with ground meat.

Ground Chicken Vs Chicken Breast

Ground chicken

It is often compared to ground beef because the texture is very similar. They are both dense, soft, and easily broken apart with your fingers.

Ground chicken has a slightly lighter color than ground beef, and it has a milder taste.

The basic method of preparation between the two is also quite similar. The only major difference is that you have to cook the ground chicken longer than ground beef to fully cook it.

This is because breast meat is usually leaner, which means that it requires less time for the fat to break down during cooking.

Chicken breast

Chicken breast meat is often compared to fish because of its slightly flaky texture. It has a slightly lighter color than ground chicken, and it is considerably less dense than the two.

While cooking, it tends to separate into thin strands and is crispy when you bite into it.

Ground Chicken Vs Chicken Breast
Ground Chicken Vs Chicken Breast

The basic preparation method for the two types of chicken is also quite similar. The only exception is that you have to treat breast meat differently before cooking it than ground chicken to ensure that the meat retains its shape during the cooking process.

Nutrition Fact Of Ground Chicken Vs Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts

1 chicken breast (125g) contains 102 calories and 6 grams of fat. It also contains 25 grams of protein and around 0 mg of cholesterol. This can differ depending on the cut and how it is cooked.

Ground Chicken Nutrition Facts

1 serving (100g) of ground chicken contains 144 calories, 9 grams of fat, 25 grams protein, and 115 mg cholesterol. This can also vary depending on how you prepare it and which cut you use to make it.

10 Health Benefits Of Ground Chicken Vs Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast

1. Rich in proteins.

Chicken breast contains a considerable amount of protein. Your body needs protein to repair your muscles and keep you healthy, but eating too much can lead to high cholesterol levels and an increased risk of heart problems.

2. High in Vitamin B.

Mary’s Nutrition Service says that chicken breast is an excellent source of Vitamin B6. This nutrient is essential for producing hormones and red blood cells and forming your immune system. Vitamin B6 also helps keep your nervous system healthy and prevent cognitive decline.

3. Helping the body to maintain a proper weight.

For one, chicken breast is rich in proteins to help you feel full, especially if the portions are small. Chicken breast is also low in calories, especially when you cut off the skin and remove the fat.

4. Can prevent cancer.

Research shows that chicken breast can help prevent cancer, including stomach and lung cancer. This is because it contains selenium which can help reduce the risk of getting cancer by lowering your oxidative stress levels.

5. Increase immunity.

Chicken breast can help boost your immunity as well. Selenium is essential in providing your body with the building blocks to make white blood cells and T cells.

Ground Chicken

1. Rich in iron and low in cholesterol.

The benefit of ground chicken is that it contains iron. Iron is one of the key nutrients that play a big role in keeping you healthy and boosting immunity. It helps by making hemoglobin which carries oxygen to your tissues and muscles.

2. Contains more protein than breast meat.

Ground chicken can contain more protein than chicken breast because it has less fat than breast meat. When you remove the skin and fat from chicken breast, you can still have some fat and a lot of protein.

Ground chicken is not limited to just lean meat, though, because it also contains certain fats and proteins in the form of cholesterol.

3. High in Vitamins B vitamins.

The benefit of ground chicken is that it contains more vitamins B, especially B6, niacin, and B12. These are water-soluble vitamins that are essential for your body to function properly.

4. Can prevent cancer.

Research shows that vitamin B12 is vital for your body to fight cancer cells. It helps by stopping the growth and multiplication of tumor cells in your body.

5. May keep you feeling full longer.

Ground chicken is better when you are trying to maintain a healthy weight because it is an excellent source of protein. This can help you feel fuller, and it can also keep your blood sugar levels stable.

The Bottom Line

Chicken breasts can be a better option if you want leaner meats. On the other hand, grinding your own chicken is cheaper and more accessible than buying lean chicken breast.

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