Outback Grilled Chicken: Amazing 4 Health Benefits

What is Outback Grilled Chicken? It’s like KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) but healthier. Why should you try it?

Because it’s not greasy at all even though the chicken is fried! The breading is very crispy and has a mildly sweet taste to it.

Is there any difference between the Korean version vs. the Japanese version? Not really, but I think they are both equally tasty in different ways. Outback Grilled Chicken is sweeter than KFC.

Why is it popular?

It’s much healthier than other fried chicken, deep-fried in oil or coated with frying powder. It’s much easier to make than normal fried chicken.

To reduce the fat content, the outer layer of the chicken is removed. The resulting chicken is then covered with a thin layer of bread, which doesn’t require deep frying to make it crispy.

How do you eat it?

It’s usually served as take-out or part of a set meal at Outback Steakhouse Restaurants around Korea. You can also buy them alone from convenience stores (such as GS25).

Are they healthy?

Yes! They are much healthier than normal fried chicken. You can say that it’s like the Korean version of KFC (Korean Fried Chicken).

Outback Grilled Chicken
Outback Grilled Chicken

Outback Steakhouse Restaurants sell Outback Grilled Chicken for 5000 won ($5) apiece. It is served together with french fries, salad, and soup. You can also order it alone from convenience stores around Korea for 2,000 won ($2) apiece.

How many calories are in an Outback Grilled Chicken?

300 grams of fried chicken contains about 260 calories,

9 grams of protein,

16 grams of fat (4 saturated),

3 grams of carbohydrates,

and no cholesterol.

How to Prepare Outback Grilled Chicken?

You can try this dish at your home. All you need is some chicken (breast, thigh, or both), bread crumbs (seasoned or unseasoned – your choice), and vegetable oil for frying.


  • Chicken Breast (80%),
  • Water,
  • Corn Starch,
  • Sugar,
  • Salt,
  • Spices,
  • Sodium Pyrophosphate.


1) Remove the skin and fat of chicken by hand or with a knife. (You can use any part of the chicken, including breast, thigh, drumstick.)

2) Pour oil into the frying pan; once the pan is heated, put 1/3 cup of bread crumbs on the chicken to ensure it adheres well. Then fry for 5 minutes on each side or until it turns light brown. Remove from the pan and place on a plate covered in paper towels to drain off excess oil.

3) Put 1/2 cup of bread crumbs (seasoned or unseasoned) in a plastic bag. Add fried chicken and shake well until the chicken is coated with bread crumbs. (Be careful not to break the chicken while shaking.)

4) Put vegetable oil in the frying pan; once the pan is heated, fry for 5 minutes on each side or until it turns light brown. Enjoy!

I suggest using seasoned breadcrumbs when you fry at home, but you can use unseasoned breadcrumbs if you like. To save time, I suggest buying unseasoned bread crumbs and adding some salt and pepper to the mixture before frying.

Health Benefits Of Outback Grilled Chicken

Outback Grilled Chicken is made with grilled chicken breast, with less fat than KFC (Korean Fried Chicken).

  • Less fat=less calories. Enjoy Outback Grilled Chicken without guilt!
  • Contains no cholesterol or trans fats.
  • Rich in protein and iron, which helps build muscles and strengthen the immune system.
  • Vitamins and minerals such as niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 come from chicken meat.

Who Can Eat Outback Grilled Chicken?

Anyone can eat Outback Grilled Chicken. It’s good for children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with high blood pressure or diabetes. For young children who cannot chew meat well, you may want to cook the chicken more thoroughly.

1. Heart Patients

Outback Grilled Chicken is rich in protein but low in fat and cholesterol. It’s a great choice for heart patients and people with high blood pressure or diabetes who need to lower their daily sodium intake.

2. Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can eat Outback Grilled Chicken without worrying about mercury because it does not contain any fish.

3. The Elderly

The elderly have a high risk of osteoporosis, so they need to eat more protein foods rich in vitamin D and calcium, such as Outback Grilled Chicken. Just remember to remove the skin from the chicken first!

4. People With High Blood Pressure

Outback Grilled Chicken has no trans fats or cholesterol, so it’s a great choice for people with high blood pressure. It also contains potassium and iron, which help lower high blood pressure levels.

5. People With Diabetes

People with diabetes need to be careful about their foods, but Outback Grilled Chicken is a good choice. It contains carbohydrates from vegetables and protein from chicken meat, which makes it a nutritious meal.

6. People Who Are On A Diet

Outback Grilled Chicken is low in fat and high in proteins, so it’s a good choice for those on a diet or trying to lose weight.

7. Vegetarians

Vegetarians can also enjoy Outback Grilled Chicken because it’s low in fat, contains no cholesterol or trans fats, and is free of preservatives.

8. Anyone Who Wants To Eat Healthily

Outback Grilled Chicken is rich in protein with little saturated fat, so it’s great for those who want to eat healthily.

The Bottom Line

Outback Grilled Chicken is low in fat but high in proteins, making it a healthy choice for almost everyone. So the next time you’re craving fast food, think about Outback!

Do you have any new ideas about Outback Grilled Chicken? If you have, let me know in the comment section.

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