Secrets Of Crown Fried Chicken: Best 5 Chicken Items

Crown Fried Chicken is a joint that specializes in awesome fried chicken. If you like fried chicken and who doesn’t, Crown Fried Chicken is your place. They have some of the best-fried chicken found anywhere in the South.

They have it all: wings, drumsticks, nuggets, and more. What makes their fried food so great is that all their chicken is hand-breaded, as opposed to an industrial restaurant type. Everything on the menu is made from scratch.

They have a wide range of flavors, including honey bourbon, Jamaican jerk, honey garlic, etc. Their wings are voted best in Mississippi by some locals and have a cult following.

They have just opened up a location in the heart of downtown Jackson and can now be found on State Street in downtown Jackson next to Hoco’s Taqueria.

Why Crown Fried Chicken Is Famous?

Crown Fried Chicken is famous, not just in Jackson but in Mississippi and throughout the South. This restaurant is so popular because of the quality of its food and great prices.

Secrets Of Crown Fried Chicken
Secrets Of Crown Fried Chicken

Their chicken dinners are only $8.95 for a large order and .99¢ for each piece of chicken.

It has something for everyone: from those who enjoy milder food to those who like hotter food.

Best 5 Chicken Items

1. Wings

For many people, crown fried chicken wings are the best thing to eat. They are one of the best-fried chickens in Jackson. They have hot and spicy flavors, which make them very delicious and finger-licking good.

2. Drumsticks

Likewise, crown fried chicken drumsticks are also one of the best chickens if taken care of well. They have the same hot and spicy flavors as their wings. It is one of the most popular items at crown fried chicken in Jackson.

3. Tenders

Its tenders are also delicious and finger-licking good. They have the same hot and spicy flavors as their other foods. Eating it with a dip will make it very delicious.

4. Boxes

Crown fried chicken boxes are also popular at crown fried chicken in Jackson, known for their hot and spicy flavor. You can have them as a side dish or as the main dish if you are hungry.

5. wishes

They are also known as crown fried chickenwiches and are delicious. You can have one or more of them if you have a perk-up day. They are a great snack for any occasion.

Is It Healthy?

Crown fried chicken is also a healthy alternative to regular fast food outlets. It has a variety of healthy dinners with various flavors and many minutes of satisfaction. They have delicious salmon sticks, wings, beef jerky, and more.

Secrets Of Crown Fried Chicken
Secrets Of Crown Fried Chicken

If you would like to order a starter with your main course order, It has delicious doggy buns for the same price as the mashed potatoes at some restaurants.

Is It Suitable for Heart Patients?

It is very healthy. Especially, they are known for their tender and flavorful wings, which are one of the best fried chickens in Jackson.

Their wings are cooked to perfection, and their breaded chicken is loaded with flavors like bourbon, honey & bourbon, and more.

Where Can Be Found?

Crown fried chicken has two locations in Jackson: the original location is located on state street and the second location is located on the corner of State street and Walthall ave.

They also offer delivery service to their products for as little as $10 if you want them delivered to your home or place of business.

The Bottom Line

Crown Fried Chicken is the place for the best-fried chicken you can find anywhere in Mississippi or the South.

I would highly recommend getting fried chicken from there if you are in Jackson, MS. You Will Not Be Disappointed With The Food If You Eat It.

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