Trader Joes Grilled Chicken A Amazing Recipe

Trader Joes Grilled Chicken is more than just a lunch ingredient — it’s an entire meal. Pair the meat with Trader Joe’s veggies, risotto or rice pilaf, and garlic bread for a delicious dinner.

This cut of chicken also makes perfect leftovers to take to work for lunch. The high protein content will keep you full all day long at very little cost.

While many Trader Joe’s products are American in origin, their Grilled Chicken is from France.

The chicken is marinated in a Mediterranean blend, including olive oil and garlic, before being cooked to juicy perfection.

How To Prepare Trader Joes Grilled Chicken?

Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken is ready to go out of the package. Heat it in either your oven or microwave.

Trader Joes Grilled Chicken
Trader Joes Grilled Chicken

You can also pair it with any one of Trader Joe’s many side dishes, including couscous pilaf, rice pilaf, vegetables, or mashed potatoes. You can even eat it straight out of the package like an apple.

Ingredients For Trader Joes Grilled Chicken

  • Chicken,
  • Chicken Broth,
  • Water,
  • Sunflower Oil,
  • Garlic Powder.
  • It contains 2% or less Salt,
  • White Wine (Fermented in the grapes),
  • Citric Acid.


1. Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken is ready to heat and serve.

2. You can cook it in the oven, pan, microwave, or grill.

3. Once opened, store leftover chicken in a sealed bag and refrigerate it within two hours.

4. Make sure you consume the piece of chicken before four days have passed after opening.

Nutritional Information for Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken

Fat9 g
Sodium480 mg

What Is The Cost?

Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken comes in 2 chicken breasts per package and is sold for $1.99 at all Trader Joe’s stores across the US.

This price makes it one of the most affordable sources of protein on the market today.

Let us do some quick math, shall we? 2 chicken breasts at $2 = $4 for dinner for two. That’s less than $2 per person! That’s one cheap meal.

Meal suggestions: Pasta salad with grilled chicken or on top of rice pilaf or risotto. It is that versatile and amazing tasting.

How Many Calories?

Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken is a lump of healthy and delicious meat, and it only contains 130 calories for each chicken breast.

This tasty source of protein also comes with no saturated fats or cholesterol making it perfect for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What Are The Benefits Of Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken?

Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken is easy to prepare and has many benefits.

For starters, this grilled chicken is made with premium meat without any antibiotics or hormones, making it good for all the family.

It is also high in protein, with 11 grams per serving, contributing to increased muscle mass and a healthy lifestyle.

The grilled chicken is also low in fat and has no sugars, which helps you maintain a healthy weight. This meat is also rich in Vitamin B6, an essential vitamin that contributes to a decreased risk of heart disease and boosts your immune system.

Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken is good for Diabetic Patients?

This grilled chicken is very low in carbohydrates, and the fat it contains is healthy and helps you sustain a healthy lifestyle.

With just 210 calories per serving, this grilled chicken is very low in calories and perfect for Diabetic patients.

The meat also has zero cholesterol which makes it ideal for those on cholesterol-lowering medication.

Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken is good for Vegetarians?

Vegetarians and lacto-ovo vegetarians may also eat trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken.

Being a lean source of protein, it can be consumed by those looking to get more protein in their diet without the fat that comes with red meats.

It has no animal fat, no animal byproducts, and is packed with vitamins and minerals essential for daily living.

It is also very low in carbohydrates, making it ideal for those watching their carbohydrate intake to lose weight.

The Bottom Line

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and grab some Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken for dinner tonight!

This tasty meat makes the perfect addition to any dish or can be eaten straight out of the package.

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