Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich: Perfect 7 Health Benefits

Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich is the perfect lunchtime sandwich choice when you’re looking for a hearty, delicious fix that leaves you feeling energized.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a homecooked meal, but try Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich when that isn’t an option.

The recipe includes only four ingredients: boiled eggs and cubed ham, shredded lettuce, and diced tomatoes with mayonnaise as the binding agent.

With just enough salt and pepper to taste, this mix will satisfy any cravings for good ol’ fashioned flavors with the convenience of fast food.

How to make Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich


  • 1 cup chopped ham
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 1 cup shredded lettuce
  • ¼ cup diced tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise


Step 1: Combine mayonnaise and diced ham.

Step 2: Cut boiled eggs in half. Use an egg slicer or knife to slice boiled eggs into thin slices.

Step 3: Dice tomatoes into small cubes.

Step 4: Mix shredded lettuce with a diced tomato into the bowl with the diced ham and mayonnaise mixture.

Step 5: Place chopped ham, egg, and tomato mixture on top of one piece of bread, then place another slice on top to form a sandwich (two slices total).

Step 6: Serve and enjoy.

Nutrition Facts of Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich

Fat17 g
Carbohydrates25 g
Cholesterol186 mg
Sodium1,543 mg
Protein25 g

7 Health Benefits of Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich

Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich
Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich

1. A Good Source of Protein

Chicken has a naturally lean source of protein that is perfect for active people. If you are looking for a great way to add protein to your diet,

consider adding Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich to your daily meals. It will satisfy your cravings, but it will keep you full and help build lean muscle when eaten regularly.

2. Healthy for the Heart

While not as healthy as meats, chicken is a great choice for people trying to lose weight. Substitute chicken with Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich in your diet, and you’ll be on the way to being healthy.

3. Boosts Immunity

Being broke doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy. Chicken is loaded with vitamins that boost immune system strength, making it a great food for those times when you might get sick.

4. A Healthy Type of Fat

The healthiest fats that you can consume are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Foods like chicken have these healthy fats, making it a great choice for those who are trying to eat healthily but need a quick meal on the go.

5. Healthy for the Skin

Why do we hear that chicken is good for the Skin? Well, animal sources of protein like chicken contain essential amino acids.

These amino acids repair cells and tissues in your body, including the Skin. The healthier your cells are, the more vibrant and beautiful your skin will be.

6. Healthy for the Heart

Chicken has been called the “heart food,” and it’s easy to see why. Chicken has many nutrients which maintain a healthy heart.

The trick is to make sure you’re eating chicken prepared properly. If you don’t like the taste, there are plenty of additives you can add to make it tastier.

7. A Healthy Fiber Source

Chicken is a healthy and affordable source of fiber, which is an important part of any diet. Wool is also good for your digestive system, helping to build a solid stool while reducing any trips to the bathroom.

How to store?

It’s better to store chicken in the refrigerator, especially if you plan to cook it later. However, if that’s not an option, keeping it in a cool place like a pantry will work.

Can I Freeze It?

Yes, you can freeze chicken. The only time you should freeze chicken is if the chicken has been cooked.

If the raw chicken has been cooked and frozen, it will not have the same texture as fresh chicken, so it’s best to make sure that your product is free of juices before freezing.

Are salads from Wawa healthy?

Well, salads are healthy for you. You can easily make a healthy salad by adding fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, carrots, and tomatoes are all great for your body, but those ingredients can get a little boring.

If you want to spice up your salad, add some cooked chicken or ham! And if you have any room left in your diet, dress the salad with some light Italian dressing to make it even more delicious!

How much protein is in a Wawa chicken salad?

Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich
Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich

A 6-ounce chicken breast contains around 35g of protein and weighs just over an ounce. Therefore, a Wawa chicken salad sandwich would have 29g of protein.

How many calories are in a Wawa chicken salad sandwich?

A 6-inch sandwich contains 394 calories, so if you order the larger 12-inch sandwich, it will have 829 calories. That’s almost half of the recommended number of calories you should eat in one day!

Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich price

The price for one chicken salad sandwich is $4.49 for a 6-inch and $7.79 for a 12-inch at the Newark, DE location. If you are interested in learning more about this Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich review, visit my blog today. 

Wawa Chicken Salad Sandwich Review

Chicken salad is a very popular type of sandwich to eat nowadays. You usually see this type of sandwich at many delis or food shops.

Wawa chicken salad sandwiches are one of the most popular chicken salads on the market that Americans love to eat. Here is a detailed Wawa chicken salad review and breakdown to show you more about this product.


This Wawa chicken salad sandwich is a very tasty and healthy product. It can be easily used to satisfy your hunger as it contains a lot of protein and vegetables.

It is one of the best chicken salads you should try when you go to Wawa or other similar stores. Visit my blog today if you need more information about the Wawa chicken salad sandwich review.

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